Summer League for College Softball Players

As summers have come and gone, I have been asked about creating a venue for our local Collegiate Softball players.  Many times parents and players asked if we were holding practice and/or if I knew of any place where they could play against other collegiate players. The only place I knew of games being played with collegiate players was in the LA/IE/OC areas.  Great that it may be, however that is too far of a drive for our local players.

I think it’s time to try to put together a venue for our current collegiate players.  I have put some information together regarding a summer league that I believe can be put together.  The players would be from the Imperial Valley and Yuma County.  Additionally, we could open up to other players that are not from our area with the assistance of Host Families.  I have seen this method in the baseball community regarding utilizing Host Families. As for the softball summer league, I believe there are some folks in Florida trying to do the same as we are attempting too.

Please take a look on the tab bar and review what I have put together so far.  Please message me regarding your thoughts about the summer league.

Coach JJ


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